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Carerra out there
Carerra out there
Carerra out there
Carerra out there
Carerra out there

How do you cut through a cluttered category to grab the spotlight at major retailers?


Carrera had the product and the credentials to dominate the international market. But they were still relatively new in the US – and undergoing a global rebrand. They had shelf space in major retailers, but they wanted more: an unmissable signal that their iconic eyewear is something to aspire to.


We put Carrera’s authentic pedigree to work to inspire targeted shoppers. We built and curated lifestyle displays featuring immersive video experiences, allowing adventure seekers to engage not just with the product, but with the soul of Carrera.

Our custom mobile displays featured visual elements such as distressed wood, heritage fixtures, and Instagram-style product arrangements that signaled “Authentic” lifestyle trends. Visitors built customized adventures using digital tablets and headphones, positioning their Carrera model of choice within an aspirational experience. Videos were shareable on social for extra layer of reach, and generous product shelving and mirrors made trying on irresistible.

Our modular design was crucial to this mobile installation: each display could be assembled in multiple configurations, allowing it to fit a wide variety of floorplans across the country.


Installation of shop-in-shop display in over 40 premium retail locations nationwide; avg. sales increase of 6.2% across all regions

What we did

  • Custom shop-in-shop design & installation
  • Social engagement & amplification
  • Brand imagery & assets
  • Local assisted sales
  • Consumer engagement