Merial chew it up
Merial chew it up
Merial chew it up
Merial chew it up
Merial chew it up
Merial chew it up

How do you raise awareness of a restricted product without an above-the-line campaign?


Heartgard/NEXGARD’s key dog-health products were suffering a dip in sales and awareness due to their prescription-only availability. We were tasked with reviving awareness of the HEARTGARD Plus and NexGard brands and reinforcing consumer loyalty; maximizing uptake of a redeemable offer to trial the products.


Pets and social media were made for each other. While owners trust their vets’ advice, they’re also loyal to social influencers, with hero animals on Instagram securing tens of thousands of followers.  We planned an 18-week interactive mobile tour, and enlisted the help of several leading “petfluencers” to help drive engagement. These popular pups promoted our events among thousands of Instagram fans, ensuring maximum turnout by putting in an appearance themselves.

Our pet partners used the hashtag #chewitup to drive followers to the 18-week mobile tour experience: a park adventure for dogs and their owners with HEARTGARD & NexGard products front and center. The Chew It Up Truck featured engagements designed to educate and entertain, including branded games, on-site veterinary consultations, and interactive product and education displays – all hosted by animal-loving brand reps. Caricature artists captured digital mementos of hounds having a ball, and a fire hydrant fountain photo op offered a great chance to create shareable content.

Visitors were given a direct call to action, with special offers on Heartgard/NEXGARD products that were redeemable through their local veterinarians.


70 events over 18 weeks; 325,000+ consumer engagements; 13.7M media impressions

What we did

  • Social engagement
  • Ownable hashtag campaign
  • Influencer marketing
  • Brand experience
  • Mobile tour
  • Consumer engagement