How do you reach key opinion leaders to showcase the functionality of a revolutionary new smart watch?


To support the launch of the Huawei smart watch 2.0 we were briefed to show how the product could elevate the outdoor running experience into something befitting of the global ‘Run Impossible’ campaign.


We created an experience that immersed 200 key opinion leaders, prize winners and social followers in a run through ordinarily inaccessible locations throughout flagship European cities.

Each 10k run was designed to highlight the main features of the watch with unexpected experiences along the route.


The event was targeted to reach 2.6 million consumers

What we did

We negotiated access to the previously inaccessible venues including Train Museum FERROCARRIL, the Academia San Fernando, Highline Galleria, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia.

We created a layered physical and digitally enabled experience that allowed consumers to create their own personal journey shared through the Huawei Smart Watch 2.0.

  • Brand activation
  • Event branding
  • Consumer experience