How do you maximise year-round commercial potential for a brand synonymous with Christmas and birthdays?


LEGO’s year round potential was limited by parents having the perception that the brand was expensive and therefore only suitable for birthdays and Christmas.

Our challenge was to help shoppers better navigate the range and position LEGO as a problem solver with a wide range of price points.


With parents identifying LEGO as  a big gift for big occasions, we took the view from the child’s eyes – they see every day as a big occasion. Working with child psychologists we established a suite of child-led, need-state occasions where LEGO could always be relevant.

We created a price specific, cross portfolio multi-platform brand campaign ‘Made for Every Occasion’. This unlocked the full LEGO portfolio with bold messaging that recognised the smaller occasions from rainy days and hospital visits, to Easter


LEGO ‘Made for Every Occasion’ was rolled out at Toyfair 2015 and was immediately taken up across key online, toy and grocery retailers. This helped LEGO into a non-seasonal selling cycle within new positions across the store outside of the toy aisle.

What we did

  • Campaign strategy
  • Campaign identity
  • Asset creation
  • Brand imagery
  • In-store communications
  • Digital communications.