How do you change gender perception in a male-dominated market?


For the launch of the new Peugeot  108, our challenge was to help Peugeot increase its level of brand preference among 24-30 year old women, a group who don’t visit car showrooms. They required an engagement campaign that reached them credibly in their own environment, deliver warm leads, test drives and ultimately deliver 350 sales nationwide.


Our research highlighted that this audience see car ownership as a burden and a visit to the showroom boring and intimidating. So our strategic approach was about moving away from the traditional dealership model and credibly taking the car-based experience into the consumers world through festivals. By integrating with social channels, we created a content platform that pulled consumers into the brand, rather than pushing them away.


The campaign put the Peugeot 108 on the radar of 500,00 women delivering 18,000 sales opportunities, 8,000 consumers stepping into the car and selling 400+ units.

What we did

  • Brand activation
  • Event branding
  • Digital communications.