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stubborn soda
stubborn soda
stubborn soda
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Stubborn Soda
How do you ensure your new craft brand can stand on its own two feet?


Stubborn Soda was a new addition to the Pepsi portfolio. But as a craft brand, it couldn’t simply ride the reputation of its distinctly corporate parent company. Stubborn needed a unique campaign to drive sales, and they needed it quickly: when one soda giant innovates, the competition is never far behind.


We knew we had to elevate awareness rapidly on both consumer and distributor levels. Trade shows are a great way to contact a condensed audience, and San Diego Comic Con (perhaps the mother of all trade shows) was likely to pull the perfect crowd for a punchy little brand like Stubborn.

SDCC is a deluge of merchandise, so straightforward sampling just wouldn’t cut through: we were going to have to make a scene. We enlisted the heavy-hitting influencers and personalities that best fit the Stubborn brand, and deployed them in an attention-grabbing stunt you wouldn’t find anywhere else. In the Stubborn Stare-Down Booth, event-goers could try to outlast our stubborn mascot in a staring contest – assisted by a free dose of Stubborn, of course.

We continued to seek out our demographic elsewhere in their natural habitat –  pairing Stubborn Soda with “craft style” fast-casual restaurants like Umami Burger.


75,000 samples distributed over 4 days; 11MM consumer & media impressions

What we did

  • Trade show booth
  • Sampling
  • Brand experience
  • Influencer marketing
  • Consumer engagement