How do you change consumer perception of a brand in an under-performing category?

We’re helping Weber with a big challenge. Premium price points can make engaging consumers and communicating their values a tough sell. And with consumers being unclear as to why Weber barbecues cost more, they have naturally gone for the cheaper alternatives.

The UK barbecue market also needs to look to change consumer behaviour – from being nervous novices regularly burning sausages, to a nation of confident and regular barbecuers cooking great food and having great experiences.

One of our first challenges was to create an internal engagement and retail training programme. We created and delivered a truly immersive brand experience based on the idea of ‘Weber World of Edutainment’. This helped to strengthen the emotional attachment for store staff to live and breathe the Weber brand.

The 3-week live experience across the UK for retail staff included product showcases, sales training, cooking demonstrations and printed communications. The platform ensured that all attendees went away with the knowledge and tools to guide their customers to Weber
products as opposed to other brands.

What we did

  • Retail strategy
  • Retail training
  • Internal communications
  • Brand guidelines.