How do you disrupt an established category to reach consumers through innovative retail?


LELO are an established global luxury personal care brand. They wanted to diversify and launch a luxury condom stealing market share from the global category leader, Durex.

With Durex having 85%+ market share, our brief was bold, but clear – create a brand that could sustain a 200%+ category premium, establish a retail channel and deliver sales of 10m units within year one.


The condom category is a closed shop, dominated in brand and customer terms by Durex. Naturally, we approached the task with a completely open mind.

Condoms are generally a default purchase so we needed an authentic truth to amplify and jolt the consumer out of autopilot. We directly challenged other mainstream brands and highlighted their lack of innovation for over 70 years. We also tackled the global issue of rising STI’s head on by showing consumers that safe sex can still be great sex.

With its 200%+ price premium, we positioned LELO Hex as an aspirational lifestyle brand, building attraction and needs-state amongst target consumers. Our brand positioning ‘Charisma Through Innovation’ was the driver to deliver that with every brand manifestation having an attitude, confidence and aspirational appeal.

To create demand in retail and reach consumers at launch, we turned crowdfunding into a dual purpose sales tool. An environment to reach and build advocacy whilst retailing direct to consumers.


Our brand strategy has delivered 3,232% of the brands crowdfunding target. We also created and managed the LELO Hex brand launch events in London and New York secured Charlie Sheen as the global brand ambassador. This resulted in $1,750,000 of media coverage on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Our crowdfunding campaign raised over $1,000,000 and smashed its crowdfunding target on Indiegogo by 3,245%
  • In the first 9 months since its launch, over 600,000 LELO condoms have been sold
  • Accrued 120,000 newsletter subscribers in the first 10 days of launch
  • Generated more than 3,000 individual news stories across the world (Media coverage in the first 2 months).

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Strategic roadmap
  • Brand narrative
  • Visual identity
  • Social & content strategy
  • Guidelines and toolkit
  • Retail strategy
  • UK and US launch event
  • Crowdfunding strategy