Love lost? Our pick of the best Valentine’s Day campaigns

It’s that time of year again. Love it or hate it, you can’t escape it. Valentines Day.

Every year, brands up their game and try to outwit their competitors with viral marketing Valentine’s Day campaigns.

Naturally, we couldn’t resist bunching up our favourite marketing gimmicks and gifting them to you all, much like a bouquet of roses.

5) Ryanair reveal

Ryanair flew into Valentine’s Day campaign with their humorous ad which explores what happens when you fail to prepare for the big day.

The lady in the film is in for a big shock when she comes home to find her boyfriend down on one knee. However, all is not what it seems and she doesn’t react too well. Maybe she doesn’t like flying Ryanair…

4) Bumble box

Female driven dating app ‘Bumble’ placed this box in Old Street in a clever little piece of marketing as part of their Valentine’s Day campaigns. What a way to break the ice. Or glass.

Valentine's day campaign by bumble

3) Burger Kink

Burger King have released a Fifty Shades of Grey inspired ‘adult meal’ for those looking to spice up their evening with a romantic meal for two. Locations in Israel are offering the meal from 6 p.m. until close exclusively on Valentine’s Day. The meals come fully-equipped with two ‘Whoppers’, two French fries, a couple of beers and an “adult toy.” You must be 18 or older to purchase the meal, however.

2) T-Mobile break up text

T-Mobile have put together a very creative break up text campaign, encouraging users to message network providers with reasons why they were leaving them for T-Mobile.

A catchy and creative ploy in more ways than first meets the eye. Engaging with their customers, but also gathered real customer feedback in order to create a better experience for their network users.

AT&T valentine's day campaigns

1) NHS – Kidney Shaped Love

However, the pick of the bunch has to be NHS’ ‘Kidney Shaped Love’.
While the delivery is tongue-in-cheek, the message is an important one.
The Valentine’s Day campaign is seeking to raise awareness for those 5,000 people currently waiting for a kidney transplant in the UK and encourages donations. We love this ad and believe it captures everything a Valentines campaign should.