How do you make a brand synonymous with healthy lifestyle culture?


The Challenge

CELSIUS came to A Little Bird with a question: can one event form a connection between CELSIUS beverages and productive exercise? The short answer: absolutely. We designed a cohesive, personalized brand experience and brought it to Tough Mudder, where this high-energy tour demonstrated that there is no location too remote, no terrain too challenging for a determined brand to meet its target consumers exactly where they were – doing burpees in the middle of nowhere.

The Solution

A Little Bird showed the health enthusiasts at Tough Mudder that CELSIUS is an ideal energy source for those leading active lifestyles. We started with an immersive brand experience complete with three warm-up stations, a CELSIUS tasting bar, and Instagrammable moments at the grueling Tough Mudder challenge. Anyone interested in fitness could run obstacle courses at their own pace with sample CELSIUS drinks and encouraging messages from the sponsors right by their side. In addition to sample distribution before the workouts, the activation allowed tasters to choose their favorite CELSIUS flavor, provide feedback, then receive a personalized offer to purchase the beverage at a convenient location nearest to them. With a seamless, action-packed brand experience, A Little Bird built strong brand connections while delivering actionable consumer data for the brand and fun perks for all who attended.

What We Did

  • Campaign Creation
  • Campaign Design
  • Sampling
  • Brand Experience
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Consumer Data Capture
  • Partnership Activation


Samples Distributed Across 22 Locations
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