How do you get a brand-loyal audience to take a chance on a new product?

Stok Branding WorkSTōK

The Challenge

STōK knew that anyone who tried their new cold-brew coffee would be hooked. But coffee drinkers are highly brand-loyal and don’t often try new drinks spontaneously. STōK needed potential customers to understand cold-brew, taste their coffee, and experience their brand – all while driving sales for existing partners and increasing distribution to new retailers.

The Solution

We knew we’d have to summon all the color and energy of STōK’s playful brand to cut through the craft coffee movement. We brought their “slow-brewed, like all of the best ideas” positioning to life with a multi-channel campaign, complete with a content and social media strategy that was anchored by a brand experience tour.

What We Did

  • Campaign Creation
  • Campaign Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Brand Experience
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Social Media
  • Retail Partnerships
  • Influencer Partnerships



Sales Increase Across Targeted Regions
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