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How do you turn ice cream lovers into loyal Yasso customers?

The Challenge

Healthier ice cream? Rather than raise eyebrows, Yasso is on a mission to delight tastebuds with their innovative ice cream products. The brand came to A Little Bird with our own mission: get hundreds of thousands of people to try and fall in love with their better-for-you ice cream bars.  

The Solution
  • Frozen food sampling is no easy feat. In fact, we know more than a few agencies who have put the idea “on ice,” citing challenges related to product integrity, mobile storage, and more. With frozen food sampling experience under our belts, A Little Bird was up for the challenge. We even upped the ante by taking the familiar ice cream truck from your childhood to the next level and bringing it with us on a nationwide tour on behalf of Yasso! To keep each sample personal, we gave consumers a chance to create their own ice cream-themed shareable moments. Singles and families alike tried a new healthy ice cream snack while enjoying a touring ice cream playground where they could play on the ice cream sandwich seesaw or take a couples picture on the "Mint To Be" bench. The #YassoGood tour brought joy and healthy treats to communities all over the country, while ensuring that more than 740,000 people were able to experience how delicious healthier can be.
What We Did
  • Experiential Marketing Tour
  • Campaign Design
  • Sampling
  • Brand Asset Design
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Consumer Data Capture
  • Brand Activation
Samples Distributed Across 22 Locations

Are You Ready?