SToK Brewed low and slowstok bottom

How do you get a nation’s coffee lovers to fall for your new cold brew?


SToK were confident that anyone who tried their new cold-brew coffee would be hooked. But coffee drinkers are brand-loyal, and don’t often try new drinks spontaneously. SToK needed potential customers to taste their brew and experience their brand – while driving sales for existing partners and increasing distribution to new retailers.


We knew we’d have to summon all the colour and energy of SToK’s playful brand to cut through at the height of the craft coffee movement. We brought their “slow-brewed, like all of the best ideas” positioning to life with an experiential sampling tour. Visitors were treated to a cold-brew from the custom sampling bar, while playing interactive games like SToK Wacky Wire (slower really is better) and engaging with branded video content and media. Retailer and operator branding and signage were featured prominently, with visitors receiving special SToK offers redeemable at these locations.

We also expanded beyond grocery, specialty, convenience and big-box retailers, introducing SToK to the workplace through office sampling programs.


Activation at 47 events, 750,000+ consumer engagements, avg. 8.5% sales increase across targeted regions.

What we did

  • Tour Creation & Activation
  • Brand Experience
  • Content Capture
  • Branding/Design
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Sampling