Spark curiosity. Build connections. Activate wonder.

At A Little Bird, we believe the power of shared experiences ignites the human spirit and is the only path to building meaningful brand connections and impassioned consumer communities.

We create human-centered, disruptive brand activations that evolve the way the world experiences brands. Our truth? Brand activation done right can change the world (a serious statement that is super fun to discuss over coffee).

We design brand strategies that enrich the consumer experience. How do we do it? Glad you asked!


Our strategy approach takes clients through six phases that result in clear, authentic brand attributes and a finely-tuned brand experience. 


From customized measurement to an immersive footprint that people can’t wait to share, we will help you weave a narrative that drives consumers to action.


Our technology platform extracts rich, actionable data from each brand experience, giving you (and us) the power to optimize your programs. We amplify the brand experience and analyze how each campaign affects brand awareness and purchasing behavior, enabling personalized, push-pull communication with consumers.

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