A Bird’s Eye View: Summer 2019 Festivals with Line 39

In 1769, the art of wine-making made its way to California. Since then the state’s wine industry has grown dramatically, becoming the top wine producer in the United States and 4th in the world. And in 2017, California wine sales reached an estimated $35.2 billion within the US.

Purchasing wine can be an intimidating task, especially for those who are not as educated or experienced with wine. In addition to selecting a varietal type, consumers are almost always presented with dozens of brand options. For any wine brand, it can be difficult to stand out, much less become a consumer’s go-to wine brand.

Not one to settle with blending in, Line 39 sought an agency that could help them tell their brand story in a way that connects them with their consumers, who are highly-diverse when it comes to age. The experience needed to resonate with everyone from Millennials to Baby Boomers.

Rising to the Challenge

The brand is inspired by and named after the 39th parallel, the longitude line the that runs through the heart of California wine country. In this spirit, Line 39 created the Find Your Adventure campaign to encourage customers to explore their reds and white varietals. The campaign introduced consumers to different adventures that “paired” with each varietal. To bring the campaign to life, Line 39 partnered with A Little Bird to create the experiential element, the Find Your Summer Adventure.

Drawing inspiration from Wanderlust, A Little Bird created an experience that transported music festival attendees to a world of adventure. In addition to increasing brand awareness and driving sales, A Little Bird created multiple engagement points. Through this summer campaign, which took place at events across the  US, Line 39 was able to gain mindshare and develop a lasting, positive impact on consumers.

Summer Road Trip

One of the primary activation elements was a wine bar. But we knew it couldn’t be an ordinary one. A Little Bird decided to vamped up an old VW Bus, complete with a living wall, and add an additional component at the back to further engage consumers. This made the center piece of the activation to be both a functioning wine bar as well as a photo opp.

Giving visitors the tangible feeling of adventure, in the back of the bus consumers were able to share their explorations of the world by pinning where they had traveled on a large map. They were then encouraged to make a journal entry that expressed where their future exploration lies. The space also provided an opportunity for consumers to explore the brand’s ecommerce site and sign up to receive a coupon code.

Find your Summer

In addition to the wine bar, Line 39 wanted to promote their AR app at the event. The newly-released app interacts with their bottles to show off different destinations along the 39th parallel. To help consumers download the app, brand ambassadors were present to show them the technology in real time and tell them about the Find Your Adventure contest, wherein one lucky winner could choose between 4 different destinations to explore.

Delivering Results

The Find Your Summer adventure kicked off with is first summer music destination, the Beale Street Festival in Tennessee, which gave more than 10,000 festival attendees an upclose view of Line39 that they will never forget.