ALB LA Food Bank Community Service (Birds of a Feather)


The team at A Little Bird is committed to giving back to our community. Through our Birds of a Feather community service program, our employees are given regular opportunities to help those who need it. This quarter, we pitched in at the LA Food Bank.

The L.A. Food Bank is an extraordinary organization. Their vision that “No one goes hungry in Los Angeles” is one that they are eagerly pursuing, having distributed more than 1 billion pounds of food since 1973. Serving more than 300,000 people monthly, they are a community resource that A Little Bird couldn’t wait to support.

Our team in L.A. spent an afternoon volunteering at the food bank’s downtown location. We learned about all the organization does for the people of L.A., but also about food safety standards. Much of our work surrounded sorting donated items to ensure they were up to par. With the help of other volunteers, we sorted through 7,599 pounds of donated items. That’s 6,307 meals closer to helping the food bank fight hunger in Los Angeles!

Volunteering at the food bank showed us how taking just one afternoon can impact so many people. Thank you L.A. Food Bank for the hospitality and education. We will be back!

To learn more about the awesome work the L.A. Food Bank does every single day and ways to help them be successful in their mission, visit