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ALB Presents

How to measure a brand experience

The best ways to measure a live brand experience, why storefront retail is not dead, & how a company's social mission can result in brand growth (more…)

Can virtual reality create empathy?

Technology has changed how we do everything – how we learn, make decisions, and interact with each other. Much of marketing is rooted in all three of these things. And technology has offered solutions that improve the consumer experience and better communicate brand value. One technology that is at the forefront for several brand activations…

Discovering truth behind brand love

Is there really such a thing as brand love? The proclamation of love is often a fleeting one. While there is no doubt that an individual has love for his or her family, community, or other highly-valued life component, in our culture we “love” a lot of things. We love our cars, our favorite TV…

Great brand activations and why consumers can’t resist

The statistics related to great brand activations and experiential marketing continue to turn heads. According to the yearly experiential survey and report, Event Track, not only are brands spending more on brand activation year-over-year, the ROI they are expecting is staggering. When surveyed, “Forty-eight percent of brands realize a ROI of between 3:1 to 5:1,…