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A Bird’s Eye View: Celsius @ Tough Mudder

For a majority of people, finding a fitness routine can be a long process. Not only does it require motivation to find a lifestyle that is sustainable, but the options (more…)

Home run branding: what baseball can teach marketing

“It’s hard not to be romantic about baseball.” – Billy Beane   [embed][/embed]   In the 2011 Academy Award-nominated film Moneyball, Billy Beane (portrayed by Brad Pitt) responds (more…)

Conversational marketing is key to a brand’s success

This week’s key takeaways: Brands that practice conversational marketing, and are better listeners, are creating more relevant, effective marketing messages. The success of American Eagle’s authentic and “real” marketing demonstrates the immense value that consumers put on transparency. Securing the attendance of influencers at brand events will improve your relationship with them and encourage them…

Pop-up retail drives engagement and sales

Key takeaways: Pop-up retail is far from trendy. It is a key consumer engagement strategy that can have multi-faceted benefits for a brands. During a brand activation or in a brick and mortar environment, merging digital and physical engagement allows for the best user experience. While Millennials love travel, experiences, and authenticity, for many in…

Preserving brand perception in an online world

Key takeaways: While e-commerce presents a challenge, there are ways to maintain control of brand perception and the customer’s brand experience. Reimagining your company’s existing resources, such as repurposing an underused corporate space, can open the door to a robust and effective marketing campaign. Millennials are a product of their circumstances. The better we understand…