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experiential marketing

Here’s why brand activation is the best kind of marketing

If you’re tasked with building or growing a brand, you’re certainly not alone. As technology continues to take center stage in our lives, the modern world seems to have gotten smaller. Companies compete with one another from across the globe, which presents a massive challenge for marketers. Brands have dozens of marketing channels, tactics, and…

Everything you need to know about pop-up marketing

In the age of digital, physical marketing tactics still matter. In fact, they matter more now than ever before. Our world of tweets, likes, and shares has resulted in unprecedented physical and emotional isolation. Face-to-face marketing initiatives drive engagement and demonstrate measurable value with new and loyal consumers alike. While a variety of event-oriented strategies…

A Bird’s Eye View: Celsius @ Tough Mudder

For a majority of people, finding a fitness routine can be a long process. Not only does it require motivation to find a lifestyle that is sustainable, but the options (more…)

Breathing life into legacy brands (A Little Bird Presents)

Key takeaways: Legacy brands like Budweiser are using experience marketing to connect with younger generations and revitalize brand perception. Taking experiences to the next level is a part of most experiential brainstorms, and many brands are finding success in incorporating a travel or retreat element. DNA testing service 23AndMe demonstrates how service brands can use…