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Here’s why brand activation is the best kind of marketing

If you’re tasked with building or growing a brand, you’re certainly not alone. As technology continues to take center stage in our lives, the modern world seems to have gotten smaller. Companies compete with one another from across the globe, which presents a massive challenge for marketers. Brands have dozens of marketing channels, tactics, and…

How new brands can survive the sharing economy

Somewhere, as you read this, there’s a millennial entrepreneur who’s referring to their lightbulb idea as “the Uber of the X, Y, or Z industry.” And while these disruptive, (more…)

Pop-up shops that think beyond the storefront

It’s clear to everyone that retail is not what it used to be. Sears is closing over 100 stores. 74% of people base purchasing decisions on social media – and that holds true (more…)

Why ecommerce brands need experiential marketing events to thrive

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” - Confucius The majority of Americans shop online, happily tapping “Add To Cart” buttons on their computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. With so much buying and selling taking place in the digital world, it’s quite natural to assume that…

3 ways tech brands insert experiential marketing tactics into the UX

Everywhere you look, brand activations abound. Pop-up shops, festival activations, immersive VR experiences – in the modern era, experiential marketing tactics have become a part of our everyday lives. And as a multitude of brands gain traction and attention for using experiential to create deeper connections with consumers, tech companies may be left scratching their…